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Windows 10 GPO duplicate WindowsLocationProvider policy


Problem:  Starting gpedit produces the warning, "Namespace Microsoft.Policies.Sensors.WindowsLocationProvider is already defined."

Cause: Windows Update attempts to rename the policy by copying the LocationProviderADM .admx and .adml files to Microsoft-Windows-Geolocation.WLPAdm. but fails to delete the earlier files.

Resolution: Delete the earlier file.

As the policy templates are system files, they are owned by the TrustedInstaller with permissions set to disallow removal by the Administrators group.  To delete the files which comprise the template, an administrator must first take ownership of the files in order to  change the permissions.

1. Policy template files which must be deleted are



2. Take ownership of the old files, change the permissions to Full Control and delete


The pertinent policy settings are located in gpoedit at

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Location and Sensors\Windows\Location Provider\

Setting: Turn Off Windows Location Provider





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